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The European Union continues its invasion of the tobacco market

TOBACCO REGULATIONS: The European Union continues its anti-free market crusade against the tobacco industry and consumer choice related to tobacco.     SOURCE:

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BMA calls for tobacco pack-style warnings on sweets

PACKAGING NEWS: The British Medical Association’s proposal to require warning labels on sugary foods is misguided and wrong.

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ONG : la fausse bonne idée du protectionnisme énergétique européen

CONTREPOINTS: Dans leur combat pour un « développement durable », de multiples ONGs s’opposent à l’utilisation du granulé de bois pour la production énergétique.

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Eliminare dalle confezioni i fumetti è “un approccio paternalistico sbagliato”

AGI.IT: Eliminare dalle confezioni i fumetti è “un approccio paternalistico sbagliato”, ha spiegato il rappresentante del Consumer choice center, Luca Bertoletti.

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B.C. advocates laud consultation on banning junk food ads to kids

METRO: Consumer Choice Center lambasts the proposed ad bans as “just another example of paternalistic government encroaching on consumer choice.”

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Education, parenting better than ad bans for healthy choices of children

RICOCHET: The Consumer Choice Center receives mention in a piece supportive of banning ads for food aimed at children.

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Restricting junk food advertising for children misses the point

AM980: Canada wants to restrict junk food advertising for children. Is that a step too far for consumer choice?

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Earlier Access To New Drugs Could Solve Canada’s Affordability Crisis

HUFFINGTON POST: Policymakers are fiercely debating how to tackle the soaring costs of prescription drugs in Canada.

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Allowing patients to choose could save billions

EURACTIV: The Commission’s recent musings on the social dimension of Europe touches on common drug pricing among member states.

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Tsarizm: New Anti-Tobacco Measures Won’t Work In Georgia

TSARIZM: The Republic of Georgia is known internationally for its radical approach to policy and governance. But with the latest anti-tobacco measures in front of the Parliament, it risks to lose that reputation as quickly as it earned it.